Fix the reset.
[bos2k9.git] / fhw_sd /
2009-06-30 Malte S. StretzAdd more clean resets.
2009-06-30 Malte S. StretzFix up error handling and testing.
2009-06-30 Malte S. StretzWe don't need to reset command & argument explicitly...
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzRename manager to flow and fix up the test.
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzInitialize command and argument; feels safer.
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzMove counter into the parser.
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzConnect the error output.
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzA load of changes to fix a brainfart and get rid of...
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzAnd yet another state.
2009-06-29 Malte S. StretzTweak command encoding.
2009-06-28 Malte S. StretzReset (aka rewind) the counter, synchronized.
2009-06-28 Malte S. StretzMake ModelSim happy.
2009-06-28 Malte S. StretzMake ModelSim happy.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzSome small fixes.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzThis might work...
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzUse constants for command type identification.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzShift the pipe.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzThis state skips, it doesn't dump.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzSome refactoring and yet another state machine.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzIntroducing another state to dump the 2 byte read CRC.
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzUn-latch SD IO busy flag and make it count to N instead...
2009-06-27 Malte S. StretzOops.
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzSplit the SPI translator into two entities.
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzUp to 4 GiB (instead of 2 GiB).
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzFix up error flag and tests.
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzFix shift state transition.
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzA busy flag would be nice.
2009-06-26 Malte S. StretzMake ModelSim happy.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzBig big state machine.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzUuhhh... code.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzCopy starter entity from SD to SPI.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzChange the counter to a flexible top value.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzCopy counter entity from SPI to SD.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzTrigger the SPI.
2009-06-25 Malte S. StretzA new state and an almost working state machine.
2009-06-24 Malte S. StretzClean up block address bit width (and add more code).
2009-06-24 Malte S. StretzUse more constants.
2009-06-24 Malte S. StretzSome timing calculation.
2009-06-24 Malte S. StretzSome SD stuff.
2009-06-24 Malte S. StretzState machine is coming.
2009-06-22 Malte S. StretzFix up block address handling.
2009-06-22 Malte S. StretzThe SD guts, here they come.
2009-06-22 Malte S. StretzLook mommy, a MMU.
2009-06-22 Malte S. StretzMove spi_master into sd_host.
2009-06-22 Malte S. StretzPrepare for SD.