Blink LED_ON on startup and trigger LED_DEBUG on DMX error.
[dmxpainter.git] / src / main.c
2009-03-17 Malte S. StretzBlink LED_ON on startup and trigger LED_DEBUG on DMX...
2009-03-12 Malte S. StretzIntroducing TLC_DC_ONCE.
2009-03-12 Malte S. StretzLED_ON works now.
2009-03-11 Malte S. StretzRenamed badly named routine tlc_wait_for_data() to...
2009-03-11 Malte S. StretzRemove well-intended but broken and unused code.
2009-03-10 Malte S. StretzIntroducing DMX further error checking (malformed start...
2009-03-09 Malte S. StretzDeclare helper routines as static inline.
2009-03-09 Malte S. StretzChanged separator lines.
2009-03-07 Malte S. StretzRename buffer* to buf*.
2009-03-03 Malte S. StretzClearify what mcu_register_isr() does, declaration...
2009-02-27 Malte S. StretzRename foo_start to foo_exec, introduce one for DMX.
2009-02-27 Malte S. StretzMore comments.
2009-02-27 Malte S. StretzRemove SD stuff for now.
2009-02-20 Malte S. StretzAdded main system LED.
2009-02-20 Malte S. StretzRemove scheduler code.
2009-02-11 Malte S. StretzAnd finally... a working state machine!
2009-02-09 Malte S. StretzThis might work...
2009-02-09 Malte S. StretzA simple INT0 test.
2009-02-09 Malte S. StretzUse native eol, fix messed up files.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzIt workx!
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzDisable/ignore scheduler for now.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzMore debugging stuff.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzWe want an SD card at some point.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzUse buffer handling code.
2009-01-12 Malte S. StretzIt works... almost.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMove general AVR includes to mcu.h, we need them all...
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove stale atmoic-include.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzAbstraction of ISR-stuff.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove obsolete global var.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzCleanup tlc_* namespace.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove disabling of the Watchdog, not needed.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMove config.h to mcu_config.h, remove AVR Studio projec...
2009-01-09 Malte S. StretzMight work...
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzAha!
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzTesting...
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzTest...
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome ISR reordering.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzThis should work...
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzRemove obsolete main_init.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzWe need GCC 4 or higher (for #pragma and other stuff)
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzMoar code!
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzSome fixes.
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzMove scheduler stuff where it belongs.
2008-12-31 Malte S. StretzAdded a simple scheduler.
2008-12-18 Malte S. StretzCurrent state of art.
2008-12-18 Malte S. StretzInitial commit.