Include mcu.h.
[dmxpainter.git] / src /
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzInclude mcu.h.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzInclude mcu.h.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzEnable ext. INT0.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzMove trigger of next (static) data packet.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzMore debugging stuff.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzSome debugging routines.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzKeep first func, don't sleep for now, we don't wake up.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzUse memset to zero out gs-buffer if applicable, fix...
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzMake buffer scheduler handler private.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzWe want an SD card at some point.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzUse buffer handling code.
2009-01-13 Malte S. StretzBuffer initialization.
2009-01-12 Malte S. StretzIt works... almost.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzThis send_dc code should actually work...
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzMove tlc_send_dc down a bit.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzRemoved some trailing spaces.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzThis should shift the GS-data properly.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzRename and globalize TLC_N_* macros.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzRemove those buffer-access macros again.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzClean up the global namespace (buffer-stuff) and add...
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzAbstraction of ISRs.
2009-01-11 Malte S. StretzSome optimizations.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzUse the sclk-function we have.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzBetter names for bits.h-stuff.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMove general AVR includes to mcu.h, we need them all...
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove stale atmoic-include.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzAbstraction of ISR-stuff.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove obsolete global var.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzAdd clean-svn target.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzCleanup tlc_* namespace.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzBLNK outputs as early as possible.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzRemove disabling of the Watchdog, not needed.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMake debug stuff more portable.
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMove pins_atmega8.h to mcu_atmega8_pins.h
2009-01-10 Malte S. StretzMove config.h to mcu_config.h, remove AVR Studio projec...
2009-01-09 Malte S. StretzMight work...
2009-01-09 Malte S. StretzCast to uint8_t not needed it seems.
2009-01-09 Malte S. StretzDoh! Use _BV!
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzAha!
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzTesting...
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzBetter test code, disabled.
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzFixed typo.
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzFixed typo.
2009-01-06 Kai FalkenbergUse function.
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzTest...
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzBetter test code.
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzUpdate pin assignment.
2009-01-06 Malte S. StretzUse Makefile.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzFix this... but not now.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome ISR reordering.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzDoh!
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzVoodoo...
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzUse of indirection makes things clearer.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome fixes.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome public macros for the helpers.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzMore refactoring plus input handling.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzActually do something.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzNice flow.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzThis should work...
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzFixed infinite loop in scheduler.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzRemove obsolete main_init.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzWe need GCC 4 or higher (for #pragma and other stuff)
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzMore macro additions/changes.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome renaming in pin.h
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzUse MCU abstraction.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzSome MCU abstraction macros.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzGet rid of "warning: function declaration isn’t a proto...
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzRename some global macros
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzRemove unused global var.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzDisable call to avr-size, doesn't work on linux.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzCompile, dammit!
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzHmmm... is this really needed? The FAQ suggests so.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzDisable for now.
2009-01-04 Malte S. StretzMakefile generated by mfile (ZIP-version) <
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzMoar code!
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzFix typo, add check for NULL.
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzRemove obsolete file.
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzSimple delegating Makefile
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzSome fixes.
2009-01-02 Malte S. StretzMove scheduler stuff where it belongs.
2008-12-31 Malte S. StretzTLC code, b0rked.
2008-12-31 Malte S. StretzAdd missing dmx config.
2008-12-31 Malte S. StretzAdd missing dmx files.
2008-12-31 Malte S. StretzAdded a simple scheduler.
2008-12-29 Malte S. StretzMoved some code around.
2008-12-29 Malte S. StretzUse #pragma once everywhere.
2008-12-29 Malte S. StretzMore sophisticated pin-code.
2008-12-18 Malte S. StretzCurrent state of art.
2008-12-18 Malte S. StretzInitial commit.